(2 Ratings)
Network: Bravo (US)
Actors: Karen Duffy,
Michael Moore,
Ben Hamper,
Gideon Evans,
et al.
Genres: Comedy,
First Aired: April 1, 1999
Runtime: 30 minutes
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TV Shows The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth

From acclaimed filmmaker and author Michael Moore comes THE AWFUL TRUTH, the most daring documentary show to hit the American public since Moore’s own TV Nation. In the spirit of his award-winning film Bowling for Columbine, Moore skewers politicians and the public alike, placing himself squarely in the middle of today’s most controversial issues and events. Join Moore as he goes on a crusade for justice with Cracker, The Corporate Crime Fighting Chicken, spreads holiday cheer to deserving tobacco executives with the “Voice Box Choir,” and brings a street pimp to congress as the answer to campaign finance reform. Shot in Moore’s trademark “guerrilla video” style, each of 24 half-hour episode is filled with scathingly funny observations and humorous rants that boldly and ironically provide valuable commentary on today’s cultural landscape.

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